Pool Care Business Kit

"The Best Pool Business Program Ever Created Is Now Available To You!"

id you know that owning and operating a pool cleaning business can be one of the most lucrative endeavors that exists? So what are the secrets behind this? How can one start a business more successful than others working in the pool cleaning industry?

It is possible and easy to start a pool cleaning business, get clients and make huge sums of money. People working in this industry make more than many people thought possible. I can show you how.

I am Davy Feller. Myself and many other successful pool care owners have pooled our resources and come up with a sure-fire way to show people like you how to start a pool cleaning business.

Simply knowing how someone else ran their business will not prove as useful as you might think. Having a guide on how to run a business will help give you the expertise needed to be successful. Many stories exist of people who have used my guide successfully.

The most important thing is knowing how to get, keep, manage and correctly charge clients. You can have the best business in town, but if you don't know how to get a client, you will go nowhere. Once you have clients, you need to know how to get them to work for you. With the help of successful business owners I have come up with the best pool care business kit to get you the best results possible. By using these techniques your clientele will increase, you will get more jobs and make more money than your competitors.

I have taken all that information and put it together into one, easy to use kit that will show you everything and anything you will want to know when starting your pool cleaning giant.

In order to help you start and thrive with your pool care business, I've put together an all inclusive pool care business kit that gives you everything you need to make your business a giant success!

"Hey Dave, I just got back from meeting with a potential customer. By using your guide I was able to land a minimum two year contract in a $1,000,000 neighborhood. Your Kit pushed me that last little bit I needed."

-Joey Joyner

Your Pool Care Business Kit Includes:

1. Pool Business Guide

2. Contracts & Business Forms

3. Business Website

4. Premium Advertising in our Directory

5.NEW - Job Estimating Calculator!


Lets take a look at how your new Pool Care Business Kit will help you!

Our Pool Care Business Guide


This guide was written by the best in the pool cleaning market. Among other things, it will show you how to bid for jobs and market your pool cleaning business. These techniques are industry tested and ensure huge profits for your pool cleaning business. The information in this guide is straight from the mouths of those who have already found success in the pool cleaning industry.If you are starting a pool cleaning business or are a pool care or maintenance professional, you will find this guide useful in giving you the edge you need to make money with a successful business.Included in our Pool Cleaning Business Guide:

How Much To Charge - It will tell you how to properly quote your clients a price. This will help you get more business because of your ability to estimate price. This simple skill can help you make thousands of extra dollars.

  • How to Get Insurance For Your Company - This guide will show you which types of insurance you need to protect your business from the unforeseen.

  • Marketing Tools - I will teach you the most effective marketing techniques including:
    Door to door advertising
    Mailing Lists
    Online Advertising (I'll give you advertising in my directory for 6 months)
    and more....

  • What Equipment to Buy
    Choosing Equipment and working with a supplier.

Great Add on Services So you Can Work All Year Long
Winterizing (Another BIG Moneymaker), Landscaping (A Bigger Moneymaker) etc.'ve pulled out all the stops on this one! By popular demand, we're including a pool cleaning business plan - created to guide you into business success. This Business Plan would cost you hundreds to purchase elsewhere. We've decide to add it to our Pool Cleaning Business Kit. Enjoy!

And much more...


Contracts & Business Forms


With these forms you will be able to protect yourself and your company against customers who won't pay or employees who decided to compete against you. In this kit are the contracts and forms to legally cover your business in the case of these incidents. This helps your clients' peace of mind as well. When you pull out a contract like the ones from this kit, they know you are a professional. As part of this kit you get the following:


Pool Maintenance Contract Agreement - This is and agreement for the weekly, biweekly and/or monthly services for your clients. It will keep you legally protected from your clients who use your services on a regular basis. It can be used for both residential and commercial deals.

Pool Open and Close Checklist - This is a guide for your clients that will inform them of what you had to do in order to open and close their pool. There is an area for additional comments in case you need to tell your clients of something not covered by the list. This will help you with add-on sales and make you more money.

Form for Independent Contractors - This is designed for you if you are looking to do only cleaning and allowing an independent contractor do the other parts of the job. This contract will keep you legally protected from the contractor's mistakes and mishaps. It will keep you separate from them. This is a must-have for tax reasons.

Product Liability Release - While running your company, you may come across a client who wishes to use a chemical or product that you do not endorse or use. This form will keep you from being liable for any problems this chemical or product may cause.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy - There's going to come a time when you need to start hiring employees to help run your route. This form ensures that your new employees are aware of your Drug-Free Policy. Trust me, this form saves you alot of heartache!(Just Added)

Business Capital Guide - This tool will help you realistically figure out what kind of Start-Up Capital you will need to start a pool cleaning business.

Next Comes...


Your Own Business Website!


This package includes a business website. The site will be one page and includes:

~ Introduction to your company
~ Services you offer
~ Contact Information

*Your website is going to be a sub page of PoolCareDirectory.com. For example, the web address to get to your website will be something like this: http://www.poolcaredirectory.com/102.htm.

You get to keep your website as long as you keep your business.


And next as part of the quick start package you get:


Our Job Estimating Calculator! (Just Added)


"THE secret to bidding on pool cleaning jobs"

If you're like most people in the pool care industry, one of your main concerns is bidding or estimating the right price. Too many professionals have under bid and over bid and as a result either lose jobs or lose money.

With the new custom job estimate calculator from Pool Care Directory, you will be able to bid the exact price that will guarantee that you make the money that you want and provide the lowest possible price for your client.We designed this program based on the experience of knowing what was important to win jobs. This software is proven to help you bidthe right price. The program installs right onto your windows computer and is ready to go.Whether you are a one man show or have a crew of 20 workers, our professional estimate calculator will give you the price to bid to make sure you make the money you want!

And Finally...


A 6 Months Premium Listing On Poolcaredirectory.com!


- JUST ADDED!!! Professional Door Hanger - Quit missing out on leads and paying for expensive advertising. These babies will come in handy when you're cleaning pools in a neighborhood and stumble on a prospective client.

All you have to do is save it and edit in your favorite Photoshop, Fireworks, or Paint Program.

Just Added! Free Logo Samples - We've done all the creative thinking and created a set of logos that will help you break out from your competition. We own the rights to these logos and are authrorizing you to have them, edit them, and use them boost your business image!

Cash Flow Program - This program will help you view and track your cash flow. Tracking your cash flow is a MUST when in business!

INVOICE FORM- This form has passed the legal test and will help you keep up with your business needs!

"For a limited time I am offering a six month premium listing in this directory as part of the kit. I want to see your company succeed as much as you do. So I will help you start your client base. Before now I have only offer this for as long as two or three months. You don't want to let this offer pass you by. Because of the high traffic on this site, people look at us as experts in the field of pools. And advertisement on this site is a great asset to any company.

Your premium listing will include:

~ Your ad will be above the basic listings on your state's page.
~ A link to your website (If you don't have a website, I provide one for you for FREE!)

After your order has been placed, I will email you with a link to the download page to get your start up kit. There you will find a link to submit your ad and website information. Then I will list your company in our directory. Simple as that. If you get even one client from this listing, it has paid for itself.(This alone is a $99 value)

"Think about this, all you would need to do is get one client from your listing in the directory and your Pool Care Business Kit has paid for itself many times over".

Our Pool Care Business Kit
Now with Free Website
ONLY $67

Dont waste another day without purchasing this all inclusive pool care business kit. The kit is at the incredible price of just $67. I want everyone to have the chance to get this information. This exclusive pricing won't last long. Good luck in your new business venture!

Yours for a successful pool business,

Davy Feller
President - Pool Care Directory

Pool Cleaning Business Kit

Special ONLY - $67!

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These forms get your clients to start paying you on time or early with our simple and effective Invoice form. Also we're including our Cash Flow Program! ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE!. Hurry and place your order today because your business success can't wait anymore .


Still unsure you should buy the kit? Take the pool care business kit for a test drive. If you don't feel that the information you get will help your business become more successful , then return it for a full refund.

This is your business, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it succeed. A $67 investment in your company is minimal compared to the information, and forms you get in return.
* Restrictions Apply

And now with a premium listing in the Pool Care Directory, you're GUARANTEED to make that money back when we send you your first new client. Don't wait another day to take your business to the next level.

An email will be sent to you when order is received. Kit link will be available for download.


Davy Feller



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