Pool Chlorine - The Best Chlorine Tablets

NAVA 3 Inch Pool Chlorinating Tablets

If you're looking for a chlorine tablet that's not diluted or blended with chemicals harmful to your body, NAVA Chlorinating Tablets are your pool chlorine. These tablets are the strongest compressed chlorine tablets on the market. You can rest at night knowing they are EPA certified and if used correctly will be the only chlorine your pool will need. This product kills bacteria and harmful germs as they enter your water so you don't have to worry about excessive chemicals which may harm you and the environment. Also, use of this product will make it easier to maintain your pH levels, giving you a perfectly balanced swimming pool.

Item No. Description Price

3" Chlorinating Tablets - 10 lb. Pail

$49.97 Buy Now

3" Chlorinating Tablets - 25 lb. Pail

$69.97 Buy Now

3" Chlorinating Tablets - 50 lb. Pail

$127.97 Buy Now



NAVA 1 Inch Pool Chlorinating Tablets

For those who prefer a smaller tablet, we also offer the same protection in a 1" tablet. Remember, NAVA tablets are designed so you only get the chemicals you NEED to maintain a properly balanced swimming pool. Others may try to mimic our pool chlorine, but there is only one NAVA.

Item No. Description Price

1" Chlorinating Tablets - 10 lb. Pail

$44.97 Buy Now

1" Chlorinating Tablets - 25 lb. Pail

$79.97 Buy Now

1" Chlorinating Tablets - 50 lb. Pail

$154.97 Buy Now



NAVA Chlorinating Skimmer Sticks

Are you looking for a pool product offering 90 percent chlorine? We have large pool chlorine sticks you can use in either a floater or your automatic chlorinator. Each of the stix come individually wrapped making it easier to manage your chlorine needs. These babies promote an algae free environment letting you enjoy your swimming pool all year long.

Item No. Description Price

Chlorinating Skimmer Sticks - 10 lb. Pail

$44.97 Buy Now

Chlorinating Skimmer Sticks - 25 lb. Pail

$79.97 Buy Now



NAVA 1 Inch Pool and Spa Brominating Tablets

Many of our customers enjoy using a Bromine Tablet as a safe alternative to Chlorine. Bromine isn't quite as powerful as chlorine but it will be less irritating to the body. Bromine dissolves at a snails pace which makes your water protection last longer. Remember, if you're using a Bromine you must utilize an automatic feeder.

  • Bromine is a great alternative to using chlorine in your swimming pool.
  • Ideal for spas and indoor pools.
  • Should be used with an approved automatic bromine feeder.
Item No. Description Price

1" Brominating Tablets - 4 lb. Pail

$29.97 Buy Now

1" Brominating Tablets - 25 lb. Pail

$114.97 Buy Now

1" Brominating Tablets - 50 lb. Pail

$248.57 Buy Now



NAVA Multi-Functional Chlorinating Granules (DiChlor 56%)

NAVA Multi-Functional Chlorinating Granules are a great way to Sanitize, Shock, Stabilize, and use as an Algaecide for your swimming pool. We recommend having a pail of this laying around for weekly maintenance on your pool and spa

Item No. Description Price

Multi-Functional Chlorinating Granules - 2 lb. Bottole

$11.97 Buy Now

Multi-Functional Chlorinating Granules - 10 lb. Pail

$44.97 Buy Now

Multi-Functional Chlorinating Granules - 25 lb. Pail

$84.97 Buy Now

Multi-Functional Chlorinating Granules - 50 lb. Pail

$154.97 Buy Now



NAVA Stabilizer & Conditioner

Essential for properly stabilizing your pool water. This will reduce the amount of chlorine you use in your swimming pool.

  • Cuts down on the amount of chlorine used by preventing the ultra violet rays of the sun depleting effect.
  • Chlorine stabilizer for swimming pools
  • Dissolves completely.
  • Cyanuric Acid
Item No. Description Price

NAVA Stabilizer & Conditioner - 1.75 lb. Bottle

$8.97 Buy Now

NAVA Stabilizer & Conditioner - 4 lb. Pail

$14.97 Buy Now

NAVA Stabilizer & Conditioner - 8 lb. Pail

$24.97 Buy Now

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