Swimming Accessories - Over And Above The Swimsuit

Think swimming and the first image that comes to mind is a fit and muscular person in a great swimsuit with water dripping all over. Yes! The swimsuit is definitely the most essential accessory of the sport. But over and above this swim wear there are many other items which can add greatly to the activity not only in cosmetic terms but also in the safety and comfort zone.

We shall discuss a few swimming accessories and how they benefit the activity. Please keep in mind that though these accessories are not compulsory to the sport, they do come in handy and therefore are worth considering.

a) Ear plugs - Water entering the ear cavity is a very routine problem while swimming and though in most cases the body is able to expel the water naturally, ear plugs help keep the ears dry. There are several kinds of ear plugs available right from hard plastics ones to soft rubber types. Depending on comfort, select an appropriate one and wear it before entering the water. For those prone to fungal ear infections, ear plugs will be highly useful in prevention. Wipe off the ear cavity with a spirit dipped swab after the swim for further surety.

b) Caps - Head caps have been made mandatory in almost all public pools. These latex caps are easy to pull over and have a dual purpose. Apart from preventing hair damage that can occur due to hair exposure to chlorine water, they also help in maintaining hygiene levels in the pool. No one likes to swim in a pool that has hair floating around. Also these hair strands can get stuck in the filter plant of the pool and lead it to malfunction. Match it with your swimsuit for heightened cosmetic effect.

c) Goggles - Water goggles are highly recommended for swimmers. Chlorine water can damage eyes severely and unless you plan to swim with your eyes closed and bang into others in the pool constantly, water goggles are essential. Not only do they allow clear visibility under the water but also prevent eye damage. Again this swimming accessory can also be matched with the swimsuit if one wishes.

d) Nose plugs - This is one swimming accessory that is not used very often but can come in handy if you are not a nose breather. The nose plug helps facilitate underwater swimming since it prevents the water from rushing up the nose and causing discomfort. It is advisable though to not wear this accessory all the time while swimming since breathing from the nose is better for swimmers.

e) Others - There are of course several other swimming accessories over and above the ones mentioned above. There are fins, pull buoys, paddles, towels, anti-skid slippers and many more and depending on personal choice and requirement a selection can be made.

Swimming is a great sport which is ideal for body weight management and is a fun activity. Add these swimming accessories to your swimsuit bag and make the experience even better.

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