Sex Appeal Of Mens Swimming Trunks

There is a common misconception in the Western World that the types of swim trunks women are interested in are small, tight ones that leave little to the imagination, often called 'banana hammocks' for obvious reasons. However, talk to any woman and they will tell you that given the choice they will choose swimming trunks over speedos any day. Why is this?

The main reason is that many of the swimming trunks made in our current decade are actually quite fashionable, running along the contours of the man's body to give him a strong, muscular look to those who see him. Currently, jammers and board shorts are the rage on the beaches of the world as men despite the fact they cover most of the lower torso. In the Western World, speedos are considered to be, not only too revealing, but also aesthetically unappealing

Swimming trunks are the most popular form of swimwear for men in North America due to their ability to not only be worn at the beach but elsewhere as well. In fact, the skater punk fashion uses these types of trunks as part of its look. This type of swimwear can also be tight enough on a man's body that, while they reveal little, they reveal a lot. However, they do not reveal the same amount as speedos, which depending on the person who is wearing them, can be a sorry sight to see indeed.

Part of the sex appeal of these trunks appear to be in the fact that they feature many different designs, often with a Hawaiian theme, that has proved popular with surfers around the world. Perhaps one of the reasons that women feel trunks are more attractive than speedos is the fact that so many surfers around the world prefer that type of swimwear, and women seem to love the look of surfers.

The beauty of trunks is that most people can pull them off. Not literally, but fashion-wise. Even if a person is fat, hairy or generally unappealing, wearing those types of trunks will not reveal to much, will not cause fat to roll over or result in people seeing anything they do not want to. Speedos, unfortunately, do not have this same ability. However, for whatever reason, speedos tend to be more popular in Europe than trunks, and are actually the preferred swimwear among men. This may be due in part to the more liberal attitude towards the human body, almost to a fault it would seem.

So, if you are thinking of going to a beach in the United States wearing just a speedo, you could be the best looking guy in the world but you are not going to pull it off, figuratively, not literally. Therefore, don't waste people's times, nor haunt their nightmares, with images of things they would have preferred not to see. Swimming trunks are the way to go, they reveal just enough, but not too much, and they are functional away from the beach as well as at it.


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